I'm New Orleans-based photographer and filmmaker who also spends time in Denver, CO. Cameras haven't always been my life, but coming from a musical background of 7 years I have creativity running through my veins. It wasn't until freshmen year of college that I picked up my first camera and that I would dedicate my life to standing behind the camera. By doing this, photography and filmmaking has allowed me to take on a full time lifestyle participating in various gigs such as weddings, productions, commercial work, and promo pieces.


     My approach to photography and cinematography is heavily influenced by my minimalist lifestyle - simplistic yet natural. Allowing things to happen naturally as they are accompanied by a bit of direction driven by emotion is how I produce my work. As a photographer and filmmaker it is my duty to provide something that is real, something that is valuable. 


     When I'm not behind the camera, traveling, coffee tastings, and petting cats fill up my time! I'm a playful and gentle spirit at heart and I'm always down to meet new faces and adventure off to far away places. Don't be a stranger and say hi - I'd be more than happy to chat with you!

-J. Alejandro Moreno